by Seb Alvarez (meth., Cadence Fox, Virgin Mother)

“Sovngarde” by Lord Snow was a very prominent record for me in my early twenties. I think Lord Snow was one of the first local bands I really fell in love with. There’s a rawness to Sovngarde that felt unrelenting and everyone in that band is just so talented. The guitar work, the chaotically sporadic drumming, the shrillness of the vocals. All of it just blended together so well and really influenced my drumming and song writing at that time.

by Alex Walsh (Shin Guard, Keylime, Eyewash)

It is pretty difficult for me to click with new music right away. When I do come across a new band that I like, I usually just play the same one or two songs on repeat. William Bonney is special to me for this reason. Every single one of their songs makes me feel something. For a while, music stopped being interesting to me. I think I was so depressed that I couldn’t even enjoy it. Discovering them was really exciting for me because a lot of their lyrics hit really close to home at the time and it helped me learn to enjoy music again. I’ll always be grateful for their music.

by Jane Cadogan (midwestscreamo.com, Knife Edge Death Match)

Seeing Frail Body play at the Beat Kitchen earlier this year was one of those shows that renewed my love for music. Hearing songs from A Brief Memoriam performed live made me want to pick up an instrument again for the first time in awhile, just so I could grasp at creating sounds with the kind of emotional impact that album has on me. It's a memory that is going to stick with me for a long time.